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Secondary Selection Programme

Sorry for the delay in getting the programme out to you for Wednesday (a mixture of being away for the weekend, poorly children and totally underestimating the time it would take!!). This is the first year I have put the programme together so please check through it thoroughly and let me know if you spot any mistakes.


 A few things to note for Wednesday:

1) We are no longer allowed to access the green cabin so all results and enquiries will be dealt with in the box at the top of the stand. We will also be running the photo finish system from this box so can I please ask that ONLY STAFF are to be in the box. We will not deal with students, parents or coaches.


2) We will try and publish as many results on the evening as we can but this will not be possible for all the results. We will obviously be posting finals lists and these will still be on the green cabin. Results will be emailed to staff as soon as we can after the event.


3) There was an error on the entry list for the Junior boys which allowed them to enter 400m instead of 300m. The event for the Junior boys is 300m so I have moved all entries from 400m to 300m.


4) It is important that you let me know in plenty of time if any students will not be competing- specifically track athletes. This may mean we can run less heats/collapse age groups in certain events but we can only do this with pre planning to allow results to be generated correctly.


5) Numbers will be provided but schools/pupils will need to provide their own pins.


6) Finally, the event MUST start at 4:15pm. Due to merging what was previously 2 separate competitions held on 2 separate nights it means the timetable is packed full and needs to run smoothly. We have the track booked for 4 hours. If we run over this we will be charged extra which may mean we have to look at hosting less events in the future.


Thanks for your support with these points.


See you Wednesday,