founded 1889 | registered charity 533931


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About Us

As from December 2012

The Sheffield Federation for School Sports, in existence in various forms since 1889, is essentially the umbrella organisation that oversees the provision of sporting competition for all Sheffield schoolchildren. At present we have eleven associations performing that function; namely Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Table Tennis,Trampolining and Cycle Speedway.

We are a registered charity and exist thanks to an army of mainly teacher but also parent volunteers who strive year in year out to facilitate sporting opportunities for the schoolchildren of Sheffield.

Financially we receive an annual grant from Sheffield City Council and an annual membership fee from schools.

Schools must pay an annual membership fee to the Federation. On payment of this their pupils are allowed to enter all Federation run competitions that school year. As of 2017-18 for primary schools the charge is 45 pence per pupil for each Y5 and Y6 pupil on roll, with a minimum fee of £70. For secondary schools the cost is 50 pence per pupil for their Y7 to Y11 population inclusive, with a minimum fee of £350. Schools with a sixth form pay an extra £80.