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The Sheffield Federation for School Sports, in existence in various forms since 1889, is essentially the umbrella organisation that oversees the provision of sporting competition for all Sheffield schoolchildren. At present we have eleven associations performing that function; namely Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Table Tennis,Trampolining and Cycle Speedway.

We are a registered charity and exist thanks to an army of mainly teacher and parent volunteers who strive year in year out to facilitate sporting opportunities for the schoolchildren of Sheffield.

Financially we receive an annual grant from Sheffield City Council and an annual membership fee from schools.

Schools must pay an annual membership fee to the Federation. On payment of this their pupils are allowed to enter all Federation run competitions that school year. As of 2019-2020 For primary schools the charge is 40 pence per pupil for each Y4,Y5 and Y6 pupil on roll, with a minimum fee of £100. For secondary schools the cost is 45 pence per pupil for their Y7 to Y11 population inclusive, with a minimum fee of £300. Schools with a sixth form pay an extra £80.

joined members 2019/2020


The name of the Federation shall be "SHEFFIELD FEDERATION FOR SCHOOL SPORTS."


The objective of the Federation shall be to foster the mental, moral and physical development of the children by promoting and encouraging sporting activities, and to help such charities as the Management Committee shall, from time to time, determine.


a. Full membership shall be open to all schools within the administrative boundary of the Metropolitan District of Sheffield but they may only participate in Federation competitions upon payment of the approved fees as determined by the Management Committee.

b. At the discretion of the Management Committee, other educational establishments, within the required boundaries, may be accepted into associate membership.


A President and Vice-Presidents shall be appointed by the Management Committee to serve a period of three years.


Power to conduct the affairs of the Federation shall he vested in a Management Committee consisting of: -

a. The General Officers, viz. Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Ex-Chairman, Honorary General Secretary, Honorary General Treasurer and Events Officer.

The Officers shall be ex-officio members of all Associations with power to vote.

b. Three representatives of each member Association elected annually at the Association's First Meeting.

c. Life Members of the Federation still in the teaching service.

d. Co-opted Members and other appointed officials to be appointed annually by the Management Committee.


Life members shall be Ex-Chairman of the Federation and such others as shall be elected by the Management Committee for exceptional services to the Federation. Life Members still in the teaching service shall be ex-officio members of all Associations with power to vote.


The Management Committee shall control its finances, which shall he used solely for the furtherance of the objectives stated in Rule 2.


In the event of the Federation being dissolved, the Management Committee shall realise the property and assets and call in all monies due to the Federation, and, after the discharge of all liabilities, shall hand over the surplus to such charitable institutions or charities as shall be determined by the General Meeting called for that purpose.


a. The Management Committee shall meet not less than three times per year:-

1. Minutes of previous meeting

2. Report by the General Secretary

3. Report by the General Treasurer

4. Association reports

5. Other business

b. All Management Committee Meetings shall be open to all teachers who may speak to a motion but only Management Committee Members shall have the power to vote.

c. There must he a quorum of seven members attending the meeting and representing at least three associations. Member associations must be represented at one management committee meeting per school year as a minimum.

d. A Minute Secretary and Trophy Secretary shall be elected at the first meeting following the Annual General Meeting.

Only current members of the Management Committee shall be eligible for election.

e. If required, an Officers' Meeting shall he called by the General Secretary in the months when no Management Committee Meeting has been scheduled.

The Officers are empowered to make any decisions but the General Secretary must report all business to the next Management Committee Meeting when any decision may be called to question.


a. The financial year shall end on August 31 and the Annual General Meeting shall be held in November when the annual financial statement and annual report shall be presented for adoption.

The President shall be invited to Chair the meeting.

Order of business

I. The General Secretary shall present an annual report

2. The General Treasurer shall present the financial statement

3. Each Association shall present a written report (These reports shall he in the hand of the General Secretary by 31 August, with sufficient copies for the Annual General Meeting)

Association reports must include:-

a. Complete list of Officers

b. Report on activities

c. Comprehensive list of competition winners

Any Association failing to present an annual report and financial statement may have its financial support temporarily withheld.

b. Election of Officers

The Vice-Chairman shall be elected bi-annually and shall become Chairman for the following two years..

The General Secretary and General Treasurer shall be elected annually.

Only representatives who have served on the Management Committee for twelve months shall be eligible for nomination.

Nomination forms for these Officers shall be sent to all association secretaries of the Federation on or before the 14 July. These papers shall be returned to the General Secretary within seven days. If there is more than one nominee for any position, voting will take place at the Annual General Meeting.

c. Other Elections

Auditors will be nominated by the Management Committee to serve for one year. Voting will take place at the Annual General Meeting if more than two have been nominated.

d. All teachers and Life members may attend the Annual General Meeting but only Management Committee Members, Life Members and ONE representative of each school in full membership may vote.

e. Any Officer wishing to retire shall notify the General Secretary, in writing, before the 1 June.


Rules may only be altered at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. At least twenty one days written notice of any proposed changes must be given to the General Secretary, who shall give seven days' notice of the meeting to members.

Rules for voting as for A.G.M.(Rule 10d).



A SpeciaI General Meeting shall be called by the General Secretary not less than twenty one days after receiving a written requisition, stating the objects of the meeting, signed by at least ten members.

At least seven days' notice of the meeting shall be given to members by the General Secretary.

Rules for voting as for A.G.M.(Rule 10d).


a. Associations may participate in inter-city activities subject to the approval of the Management Committee.

Participants may be selected from all eligible pupils attending educational establishments within the administrative boundary of the Metropolitan District of Sheffield. Their selection is not conditional upon their establishment having paid S.F.S.S. competition fees as described in Rule 3a.

b. Badges

I. Pupils who represent Sheffield in inter-city activities shall, subject to the approval of the Management Committee, be awarded a Federation Badge, together with the appropriate Association Flash, to commemorate such selection.

2. Any pupil previously awarded a badge by any member association should only be awarded the appropriate flash for any further representative honours, unless the Management Committee has given permission for a further badge to be awarded.

3. Other tokens may be awarded by their association subject to the permission of the Management Committee.


a. All trophies requiring engraving and/or other attention, must be sent to the nominated Federation supplier.

Costs of all engraving to be met by the Federation.

b. Each association shall be empowered to obtain its own trophies, subject to the approval of the Management Committee.

All trophies must have the following engraving:- names of the Federation, Association, Competition.


a. Each activity of the Federation shall constitute an association. Its membership is as defined in Rule 3.

b. The Chairman, Secretary and other officials shall be elected at the annual First Meeting of each association. It is the responsibility of the Association Chairman to ensure the First Meeting is called.

An agenda shall he prepared in accordance with Rule 15f.

c. The General Secretary shall be empowered to call an Association First Meeting or Special Meeting:-

I. If the Association is in breach of Federation Rules

2. At the request of two or more schools in full membership

3. By order of the Management Committee or the Officers of the Federation

d. Each association shall he empowered to make its own rules, subject to the approval of the Management Committee, and conduct its own fixtures.

e. Each association should report its activities, in writing, to the Management Committee.

f. First Meeting

The order of business for the First Meeting of each association shall be:-

Presentation of annual report

Presentation of financial statement

Election of Chairman, Secretary and other Officials

Election of three representatives to the Management Committee

Arrangements for new season

Other business

Minutes shall be kept and a copy sent to the General Secretary before the next Management Committee Meeting.

Copies of the annual report (50) and inventory to be forwarded to the General Secretary.

All reports and inventories must be in the hand of the General Secretary by 31 August.

g. Voting is limited to:

1. Association Officials

2. Officers of the Federation

3. Life Members of the Federation still in the teaching service

4. One representative of each school in full membership (Rule 3a)

5. Others as defined by the association's constitution


a. The accounts to be kept at a recognised bank (or banks) designated by the Trustees. The General Treasurer shall be empowered to sign all cheques which shall be countersigned by the General Secretary. Two other signatories from the Management Committee must he appointed with authority to sign cheques in the absence of the General Treasurer or Secretary.

h. Associations must obtain prior approval from the Management Committee for all proposed expenditure. Any urgent requests to be made by the Association Secretary to the Officers of the Federation.

c. Any balance of monies remaining after association activities, shall be forwarded to the Honorary General Treasurer, together with a statement of accounts.

d. An inventory of all stocks and trophies, together with their values, held by each association, must he returned to the General Secretary within two months of the close of the association's season or by 31 August, whichever is the earlier.

e. Association Bank Accounts

Any association requiring to have a separate bank account must first obtain the permission of the Management Committee and agree to abide by any conditions set by them.


All requests for grants towards expenses for individuals or groups:-

1. Attending a recognised Schools' Coaching or Training Course

2. Representing recognised Schools' Associations

Should be made on the official form to the General Treasurer, through the appropriate Association Secretary, for presentation at the next Management Committee Meeting. The claim must show monies claimed or obtained from all other sources.


The Trustees of the Federation shall be the general officers as defined in Rule 5a. The Management Committee may appoint two further Trustees.


The property of the Federation shall be vested in the Trustees who, in matters relating to disposition of, or dealing with the property of the Federation, shall act on a direction of a resolution of the Management Committee.

20. Associations failing to comply with any of these rules may be subject to sanctions by the Management Committee.